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Produced in the Office of Medical Public Affairs. Volume XXXVIII, Number 2. Outlook (ISSN 1042-2897) is published quarterly by the Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8508, 4444 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.


William G. Powderly, MD, holds a colorful assortment of pills, which in various combinations make up the “cocktail,” the therapy which has proven to be a lifeline for many people infected with HIV (green model). He and his colleagues at the School of Medicine’s AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU) help patients manage the disease, while holding out hope for better treatment. The potent drug mixture allows people to live longer and healthier lives, yet its long-term consequences are just beginning to be understood. Examining the cocktail's powerful effect on the body is becoming a focus of AIDS research. Learn more

I Can See Clearly Now
An exciting new therapy allows some older adults with age-related eye disease to regain vision and independence.

The Cocktail Conundrum
The much-lauded drug “cocktail” enables persons with AIDS to live longer, healthier lives—but at what cost?

The Immune System vs. Tumors
Linking immunology and oncology, researchers find the immune system plays a role in tumor formation.

Smile Doctor
Providing pediatric dentistry for special-needs kids is a priority and a pleasure for one faculty member.