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Produced in the Office of Medical Public Affairs. Volume XXXIX, Number 4. Outlook (ISSN 1042-2897) is published quarterly by the Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8508, 4444 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.






Shapiro to be next executive vice chancellor for medical affairs and dean of the School of Medicine.

Cover story: Making Faces
Whether sculpting an ear or fabricating an eyeball framed with lashes, the maxillofacial prosthetics team helps its patients to feel better about the way they look.

One Step at a Time
Amputation is often the result of diabetic foot ulcers. School of Medicine researchers aim to avoid this drastic measure, focusing instead on healing and prevention.

Silent Summer
The West Nile virus is slowly making its way around the world, and it hit hard this past summer in the American Midwest. Immunotherapy may be what stems the tide.

Understanding Overgrowth
A clinical/basic science collaboration examines the complexities of Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome, a pediatric overgrowth condition linked to the X chromosome.

Picture Page: Medical Mission
The 21st General Hospital in World War II.

Sami Barmada, a fifth-year MD/PhD student in the university's division of biology and biomedical sciences, recently finished his first Ironman triathlon. The race marked the inaugural run of Ironman Wisconsin, held in Madison. Barmada ranked 506th out of 1,802 finishers.