Outstanding professors honored with teaching awards

Medical students honored faculty for distinguished service at the annual teaching awards ceremony.

Left to right: Horacio M. Maluf, MD, 2004 Lecturer of
the Year; Barry P. Sleckman, MD, PhD, 2005 Stanley Lang Lecturer of the Year; Erika C. Crouch, MD, PhD, 2004 Coursemaster of the Year; Scott J. Hultgren, PhD, 2005 Coursemaster of the Year; and Dana R. Abendschein, PhD, 2005 Professor of the Year. Jeffrey E. Saffitz, MD, PhD, 2004 Professor of the Year, and Henry V. Huang, PhD,
are not shown.

Class of 2005
Distinguished Teaching Awards

Marc J. Bernstein, MD
E. Richard Bischoff, PhD
Glenn C. Conroy, PhD
David A. Leib, PhD
Jeff W. Lichtman, MD, PhD
Jane Phillips-Conroy, PhD
Linda J. Pike, PhD
Joseph L. Price, PhD
Alison J. Whelan, MD
Robert S. Wilkinson, PhD

Class of 2004
Distinguished Teaching Awards

John P. Atkinson, MD
Rosa M. Davila, MD
Scot G. Hickman, MD
Leslie E. Kahl, MD
Hanna Khoury, MD
Joel S. Perlmutter, MD
Arie Perry, MD
Clay F. Semenkovich, MD
Morton E. Smith, MD
Lynn K. White, MD

Class of 2003
Resident and Fellow Awards

Mary Abusief, MD
Jaime Boero, MD
David Finlay, MD
Neil Horowitz, MD
Ronan Lev, MD
Sharyn Lewin, MD
Terence Myckatyn, MD
Chad Perlyn, MD
Matt Powell, MD
Beth Ward, MD

Class of 2003
Clinical Teaching Awards

Martin Boyer, MD
Michael Brunt, MD
Thomas Defer, MD
David Gutmann, MD
Bruce Hall, MD
Susan Mackinnon, MD
Amy Ravin, MD
Walton Schalick, MD
Joseph St. Geme, MD
Emanuel Vlastos, MD