Feature Story: The Peck Era in Medicine

The Bill Peck Songbook

THROUGH THE YEARS, William A. Peck, MD, has easily slipped between the complex interpersonal orchestrations of his management duties and the intimate, personal harmonies of his artistic passion—the piano. He has often performed at School of Medicine and alumni functions.

Peck released a limited edition audio CD a few years ago. The back cover revealed his sense of humor, noting that “Dr. Peck usually plays a Steinway, sometimes plays a Yamaha Concert Series, occasionally plays a weighted Hammond, and in his spare time, doctor.” Peck also offered special thanks to “My lovely and talented wife Pat, who always encourages me, despite life’s occasional sour notes.”

Following are excerpts from the now out-of-print collection. Click to download a song in a format appropriate for your system.

Title MP3 Quick
Somewhere in Time MP3 QT RM
Somewhere Over the Rainbow MP3 QT RM
Memory MP3 QT RM
Autumn Leaves MP3 QT RM

Feature Story: The Peck Era in Medicine