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Produced in the Office of Medical Public Affairs.
Volume XLII, Number 1. Outlook (ISSN 1042-2897) is published quarterly by Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8508, 4444 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.





Remembering 25 Years
A quarter-century of collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts may one day alter the prognosis for Alzheimer’s disease.

A Mystery Unfolds
Fresh insights are emerging into how prions — a new kind of infectious agent — form and cause disease and may even be connected to a host of common disorders.

Pain Management
Clinicians and researchers at the Washington University Pain Center use a multidisciplinary approach to make the management of chronic
pain more bearable for patients.

Gunning for Fats
Shotgun lipidomics — a faster, more precise method of analyzing fats in the body — identifies key changes in body chemistry that are associated with specific diseases.

Picture Page: Fat Cells
The stuff of love handles revealed.