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Volume XLIII, Number 3. Outlook (ISSN 1042-2897) is published quarterly by Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8508, 4444 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.




FALL 2006

Hearing Hairs
The study of hair regeneration genes in chicks may allow researchers to one day devise treatments for hearing impairment in humans.

Origins of Alzheimer's
A new method of measuring amyloid beta, a protein found in high levels in Alzheimer's patients, may shed new light on the condition.

No Bones About It
Calcium, the body's friend in the formation of strong bones, can become an enemy when it deposits in the vascular system.

Back on Your Feet Again
Tarsal tunnel release surgery relieves pressure on the tibial nerve — restoring one young man's ability to walk.

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Hair cells and hearing