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So Close for Comfort
By Robert Boston

Letís face it — we work in a pinball machine-like environment called the medical school campus. Thatís the good and sometimes bad news. Challenges, excitement and rewards are great, yet there can be stress. No need to panic: Thereís a peaceful place to relax and reflect right in front of us.

Take a quick walk west across eight lanes of Kingshighway (use the crosswalk at Childrenís Place!) and youíll find yourself in the 1,293-acre world of Forest Park — a lush, green space filled with water, trees and sky.

The park has many fantastic facets, from A for Art Museum to Z for Zoo; still, Mother Nature reigns supreme. Why did the Washington University in St. Louis medical student cross the road? Obviously to get to the other side!

Time to put down your stethoscope or test tube. Take a simple hop, skip and jump west before the sun sets. Time and distance are no excuse.