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Produced in the Office of Medical Public Affairs.
Volume XLIV, Number 4. Outlook (ISSN 1042-2897) is published quarterly by Washington University School of Medicine, Campus Box 8508, 4444 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108.





Full-Spectrum Diversity
The School and its hospital partners embrace cultural diversity to improve the way we teach students, care for patients and conduct research.

A Most Brittle Hypothesis
Researchers have linked celiac disease, a little-known but not-so-rare condition, with a more familiar medical problem — osteoporosis.

Measured Impulses
Understanding the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and developing precise diagnostic tools are the keys to improving treatments.

Young Gynecology
Gynecology for pediatric and adolescent girls is a specialty on the rise, and a dedicated Washington University physician is leading the field.