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Opening Doors to the Future: The Scholarship Initiative for Washington University

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Through Opening Doors to the Future: The Scholarship Initiative for Washington University, gifts from faculty for scholarships are demonstrating the depth of commitment to medical education. No one can explain the importance of scholarships better than the recipients, donors and honorees.

Susan S. Deusinger Scholarship

The scholarship I received from Dr. Deusinger has allowed me to realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by individuals who are willing to give to students in order to further education in the field of physical therapy. I feel like a respected member of the student body and that I belong here, and I am very grateful to have received such an honor.” — Jenny Shoemake

“I want to help ensure that the next generation of physical therapists receives the best possible training for clinical practice. Scholarship support is critical for students to be able to come to Washington University with their focus on learning to provide patients with excellent care, rather than on the financial stress associated with graduate education. I hope that such support paves the way for the many outstanding physical therapy students from Washington University to become leaders in our profession.” Susan S.
Deusinger, PhD

“We are home to some of the finest faculty in the world, most of whom are also deeply involved with the medical education of our students.” — Larry J. Shapiro, MD 71, dean of the School of Medicine and executive vice chancellor for medical affairs

Dennis and Helene Hallahan Scholar in Medicine

“I am greatly appreciative of my scholarship; it helps to decrease my stress level when it comes to finances, which translates into more focused learning and patient care. When my career is established, I hope that I can lend support to medical students in the same way.” — Ameet Thaker

“Participating in this scholarship program from the beginning provided an opportunity to make a huge statement: Our students are worth this financial investment, along with the time and energy that we have always invested into their careers. I am delighted that Ameet Thaker received this financial support. He was selected as a Howard Hughes Fellow and conducted outstanding research in gastroenterology. He will be a national leader in health care.” Dennis E. Hallahan, MD

Dr. W. Edwin Dodson, given in his honor

“Receiving this scholarship cemented my decision to attend Washington University School of Medicine, and it is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made. Studying at this institution and being a member of such a supportive and inspiring community will help me to become the best doctorpossible.”  — Jori May

“Jori is an accomplished, energetic person who had many options for attending medical school. Being able to offer her a merit-based scholarship demonstrated that we were confident of her ability and believed in her promise. She has exceeded expectations by making the most of opportunities here and at the same time enriching and brightening our community. It’s a real treat to see her take on leadership roles while her career is taking flight. And it’s all the sweeter because our faculty members who know our students so well have made this possible.” W. Edwin Dodson, MD

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