• Resistance is inevitable

    September 2016 | By Julia Evangelou Strait

    Nature can ­­­— and will — overcome any antibiotic. Researchers are working to ensure we stay one step ahead.

  • Learning labs

    September 2016 | By Deb Parker

    For most medical students, there’s a major obstacle to doing research: being in medical school.
    Not at Washington University.

  • Movement redefined

    September 2016 | By Gaia Remerowski

    By adopting movement science as a central tenet, the Program in Physical Therapy has reshaped its profession.

  • Harnessing immunity

    September 2016 | By Julia Evangelou Strait

    A $10 million gift establishes Bursky Center for Human Immunology and Immunotherapy

  • America’s growing problem

    May 2016 | By Deb Parker & Brenda Murphy-Niederkorn

    Averting the lifelong health risks and spiraling social costs of childhood obesity

  • Rewiring the body

    May 2016 | By Deb Parker & Kristina Sauerwein

    Severing the brain’s critical link to a peripheral nerve can render an arm useless. Pioneering surgeries reroute neural impulses and redefine hope for paralysis.