A Legacy of Gratitude

The commitment of one family has made a profound difference


By Rick Skwiot

Breakthroughs in developing leukemia therapies, in treating osteoporosis and childhood asthma, in fighting viruses that cause blindness, and in understanding Alzheimer’s disease — these and countless other advances have come about with the aid of one St. Louis couple, the late Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff. Together they donated more than $70 million to the School of Medicine to fight cancer and other diseases and to support the scientists and physicians responsible for the medical breakthroughs.

“The power of philanthropy to change people’s lives and improve the well-being of future generations is undeniable,” said Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton. “Patients here at the Medical Center and around the world have benefited from the generosity of supporters such as Alan and Edith Wolff — through improved patient care, new treatments and a deeper understanding of the causes of diseases.

“Through their gifts, which continue to fund the work of world-renowned physicians and researchers, the Wolffs have left a lasting legacy by advancing medicine and science. In the process they have earned the gratitude of us all.”

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The Wolff Professors

Wolff Professors are leaders in many disciplines at the School of Medicine. Following is a list of professors and dates of installation. Five more professors will be added, bringing the total to 20.

The Wolff legacy endures

Learn about the Wolffs’ quiet lifestyle, dedicated toward helping others in need. And, in their own words, meet three Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professors. They discuss the role of philanthropy in advancing medical science and the impact of the Wolff legacy on the School of Medicine.


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