• E-cig epidemic

    Winter 2019-20 | By Richard H. Weiss, Sally J. Altman and Deb Parker

    Addictive vape products surge in popularity among teenagers

  • Personal toll

    Winter 2019-20 | By Julia Evangelou Strait

    Mother’s death sets twin scientists on journey to find precision cancer therapies

  • We are the academy

    Winter 2019-20 | By Kristina Sauerwein

    Teaching support, resources ramp up in advance of curriculum renewal

  • Transforming capabilities

    Winter 2019-20 | By Kristina Sauerwein

    New Instructional Design Studio customizes content to meet the needs of today's students

  • Fighting MS

    Winter 2019-20 | By Gaia Remerowski

    MS researcher Anne Cross is working to change the face of multiple sclerosis care

  • Nature vs. nurture

    Winter 2019-20

    Studying adversity’s effects on children’s brains

  • Advancing Medicine 2019

    Winter 2019-20

    From the office of the dean: A look back on some of the outstanding contributions in health and medicine over the past year