• Anchor

    Autumn 2017

    How medical center visionaries helped save the Central West End

  • Making the invisible visible

    Autumn 2017 | By Tamara Bhandari

    Imaging center brings the science of life to light

  • Inside an epidemic

    Autumn 2017 | By Gaia Remerowski

    Overcoming America’s opioid crisis starts with understanding abuse patterns

  • Shining example

    Autumn 2017 | By Mary Lee

    Ophthalmology department named for John Hardesty

  • Gateway to care

    Spring 2017 | By Kristina Sauerwein

    Fighting social stigma and barriers, doctor seeks to prevent HIV infections worldwide.

  • Building connections

    Spring 2017 | By Gaia Remerowski

    A new campus plan brings communities together and improves the experience for employees, patients, students and visitors.

  • Caring for mom & baby

    Spring 2017 | By Hilary Davidson

    Children’s outcomes improve when perinatal mental health issues are addressed.

  • Match Day 2017

    Spring 2017

    On March 17, graduating medical students learned where they will spend their residency.

  • Battlefield to bedside

    Spring 2017 | By Rebecca Boyle

    High-intensity military medicine spurs innovations for civilians, too.

  • Resisting Zika

    Winter 2016/2017 | By Tamara Bhandari

    Undeterred, researchers are tackling a global crisis from multiple directions.